Hiller Aircraft Corporation

925 M Street
Firebaugh California  93622


Company Status Update :  January 2020

The Hiller Aircraft Corporation is undertaking a complete reorganization of its facilities and production/support activities. 

We are now open for business! 

While we proceed thru the process we will do everything we can do to support current operators in the global market, both domestic and international, with replacement parts from our current inventory.  The Federal Aviation Administration is working closely with Hiller to complete a full Quality Control Audit, retuning Hiller to full production under Hillers' Parts Manufactuing Approval program (PMA).  This Quality Control Audit, when completed, will provide Hiller the opportunity to fill out our support inventory and resume our Main Rotor Blade manufactuing.  

Hiller anticipates a full line of replacement parts will again be available to operators around the world.

Production Manager - At the present time, Gary Maslanka we be reached at the main number above or, 507-412-1693 Cell, gary@hilleraircraft.com.  Gary has been with Hiller along with his wife Dianne in the Finance Department, 559-903-3067, dianne@hilleraircraft.com, for many years.  They played a key role in moving Hiller to its current location and are the repository of much of the Hiller history over the past 20 years.  They have agreed to contiue with Hiller and be part of the Hiller family and its reorganization even in the face of the challenges the Company has faced over the past 22 years.  They both are a great resource, please reach out to them, or me, Captain Michael Tragarz, 602-625-0243, michaeltragarz@hilleraircraft.com, with questions or any needed support.  

We all will be working hard to return Hiller to a fully developed support organization, one that recognizes the special needs of our loyal users over the years and the new operators we look forward to serving in the years to come.

Over the next few months this website will be developed to provide updates, information, manuals, technical data, inventory available for sale by current users, inventory and pricing for inventory located at the factory, used aircraft for sale, refurbished aircraft for sale as well as new refurbished aircraft being prepared at the factory for sale.  

As Hiller returns to production and the inventory levels achieve the necessary levels to support new aircraft production, Hiller will be working with the Federal Aviation Administration to schedule the necessary processes to achieve new production status once again.  Hiller will again produce new aircraft.  Hiller will be focused on production of new UH12E-3 aircraft, both Piston and Turbine models.  

While Hiller returns to production of the most cost effective helicotper in its market segment and class. We will keep an eye on the future.  We will be looking to addressing the importaint rotables, and be looking to apply modern materials, component contruction methods and modern production techniques to the current design. 

This will be our first order of business once production begins.  Hiller recoginzes the value in the "L" model powertrain that was under development in the past.  Hiller intends to revisit that developement and provide yet another, even more powerful tool to the global utility and agricultural market.  Stand-by for future updates.

Here at Hiller we belive that there is a need and a place for the "B", "C" and "D" models as well.  We will be contacting all of those operators and support organizations around the world that have been supporting these models over the years.  We look forward to finding a way to bring them back into the family and provide the necessary and needed support to that segment of the industry as well.  For those focused on these models, please reach out to Hiller to discuss your needs and opportuities.

The Global market update - we are working with interested parties in Europe now to develop a forward facing presence there.  Our China market entry continues to develop and we anticipate an acceleration of that effort now that we are underway again.  Discussions are now underway to enter some new (or previous) markets again which will support our retun to new aircraft production.  Hiller looks forward to sharing updates on those programs as they mature.

As I close this update, Hiller intends to create, again, the Hiller Society, Assocation, Club, Industry Steering Commitee, or some named group.  The hope here at Hiller is to bring all of you Loyal Hiller Operators and Supporters together to share your experiences, operational knowledge, business ideas, aircraft improvements and new development ideas, get them to the table and into the light.

Hiller wants you to know how much we value your knowledge and loyalty to the product over the many years, without the support of the factory.  Your operational and product knowledge are second to none and we hope you will give us the opportunity to service you again and take advantage of your experience to make this the best Light Helicopter in the market. 

From all of us at Hiller now and those that will come in the future, thank you!